Assalammualaikum. This part of the page in my blog just for my identity profile. Feel free just take time to know about me. 

Name: Puteri Nabilah
Birth of Date: 1st July 1991
Favourite Colour: Blue | Pink | White
Favourite Cartoon: Pooh | Panda
Hobby: Blogging | Surfing Internet | Playing Games | Reading | Collecting Stamps 
  1. I hope I can go to Macca
  2. I can build my own art gallery
  3. I can build my own family company
  4. I can be a webmaster or web designer
Already Taken By: Someone [One day]
 I'm join for the world of blogging on: 24 March 2009
Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Standard 1 until standard 6
SK LKTP Maokil 1(1998-2003)
Form 1 until form 3
KAA/RKA (Kelas Aliran Agama/Rancangan Khas Agama)
Form 4 until form 5
PIST (Pengajian Islam Sains Tulen)
Form 6 lower & form 6 upper
Aliran Sastera Agama 
Degree Bachelor: 
UiTM Kampus Machang, Kelantan (Sept 2009 - July 2014)
Degree (Bhons) Science of Information System Management


Mohd Noorhafizzudin Hassan said...

hai as salam smart juga layout blog awk....';)

nnti follow my blog [newbies lg dlm nak libatkan diri dlm dunia bloging...] hehe

aisyah said...


WAAW!!! teruje tengok blog akak...

canteek sangat...

kalu ade mase..
follow blog saye (yg tk seberape..)

~~UkWaH FiLlAh AbAdAn AbAdA~~


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