Assalammualaikum wbt...
Di hari Jumaat yang penuh barakah ini semoga kita dilimpahi nikmat dan rezeki serta keredhaan dari Nya.

Today puteri just wanna to share with all my friends who follow my story at this blog. Even though I'm always not updated anything...Since I heard this song, I'm fall in love with the voice and melody. Sometimes the song still can hear in my mind when I want to close my eyes..

So let's everyone to take in our mind to never forget Allah even you in difficult situation. Just Allah can help us.

You must be remember that, Allah's there so you are not alone. Raise your hands and said anything you want to Allah, then Allah will helping for you to solve your problems, to less your stress, to upgrade you Iman. Allah will never leave you, whatever you do, wherever you go, Allah always with us. That's the point puteri can share to you all for today. Be smile, start your life with Basmallah, Insyaallah..everything is easier for you to do. Wassalam...



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