Figure 1.1: My picture in front of main office UIAM, after finish seminar.

Rasanya sudah terlalu lama aku tak menulis dan menaip sebarang cerita terkini. Mungkin ada sedang menanti apakah cerita terbaru. Sudah kahwin ke belum? Sudah habis belajar ke belum? Sudah bekerja ke belum? Soalan lazim bagi seseorang umurnya dalam lingkungan 20-an. Banyak cerita yang tak sempat nak di update dalam blog, kebanyakannya tertumpu kepada Facebook or Instagram. Mungkin lebih senang make it simple and faster right? 

Sekarang ini masih lagi begelar seorang mahasiswa dalam Sarjana Pengurusan Maklumat (Master of Information Management) at UiTM Puncak Perdana. Semester 1 sudah pun berlalu, bulan September akan masuk semester ke 2 pula, insyaallah. 

Based on the title at the above, I just want to ease my mind and empty my heart from hurting again and again. Alhamdulillah, nowadays my life become meaningful and in positive ways that a way I want a long time ago. Maybe it's still difficult to adapt but I can feel the peace of life right now. It's maybe I'm all alone but still Allah is everywhere and any time beside me. Thanks Allah. 

I'm studying and part time working at Tadika Tunas Bestari that makes me feel so full and happy with my cute children. Struggling with my studying is not stress when my 'cutie pie' makes me happy everyday. 


Figure 1.2: My children exploring at Farm in the City 

Figure 1.3: My children from class Excel, we are 5 years old! Last day and farewell for Danish Hakeem because he moving city. 

Figure 1.3: My children celebrate Eid Fitri


Figure 1.5: My classmate for last day in class epistemology with Dr Wan Satirah


Figure 1.6: My BFF. Congratulations!

Figure 1.7: Before bring our Degree certificate

Figure 1.8: The moments I will never forget, thanks Ayah and Ibu who are not giving up for me.

Last but not least, the friends who are always behind me and make me appreciate what I have with them. Thank you so much. There is no gift other than praying for blessing by Allah on all of your life my friends. Being friend with all of you, make me not alone and single. 

Figure 1.9: My housemate at Resak apartment (Syaza, Mekna, Nora)

Figure 1.10: The person never let me go, my beloved parents and siblings (my family till Jannah)

Figure 1.11: My friends always make me smile and happy, never end this friendship! (Yanie & Tiara)

Figure 1.12: My old schoolmate, meeting with them on the day Eid Fitr make me stronger than before. (Keyra will be a doctor soon, and Noni had been finished her studying in Master level at UKM.)

That's all my moments that never let it go. What happened in the future there are more person behind me to support everything what I want to do in my life to achieved my goals. Thank you Allah give me a chance to exchange my lifestyle. Thank you everyone for supporting me from begin until the last tasks. 



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