Assalammualaikum wbt...

Hello everyone! Who is still read my blog until now even I'm not active almost for 1 year maybe. Right now, I'm really busy to finish my further study in master's level and also complete my part time job as a kindergarten teacher. 

There is more story I want to tell you all about, but I don't know how to begin my story at here....

Nothing special but there is something new and fresh I would like to share and keep in my memory. From zero to something, from nothing to everything. I am just an ordinary woman who want to love by someone and to love someone. 

Everyone have their own future ambition and mission to accomplish. There is my bucket list to achieve my future strategy planning.

1. I want own my business in art and design studio
2. I want to travel the whole world
3. I want to make some sweet as candy memory in my life 
4. I want a man who can guide me to Jannah and make me happy until the last breath
5. I love music just to hear and keep in my mind to release my pressure and stress

Other than that, I don't want to sit silently in my own room just watching the whole world. I love KDrama, KPop, KVariety Show, CPop, MPop.....all of them give me more ideas to achieve something. It's awesome!

Black is awesome too even it is too dark in darkness.

Begin in year 2016, May 14.



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