Assalammualaikum wbt..

Today I want to tell you about my beautiful memories during training courses under Tabung Haji on 27 March 2017 until 4 April 2017. In 9 days, I'm done build a friendship between my new friends from different states, different faculty, different lifestyle, different universities, and all are different. But, aku dikelilingi insan-insan yang baik-baik dan sangat sporting dalam bekerjasama membantu aku ketika aku dilantik ketua dorm dan latihan dalam kumpulan. I'm very appreciated for being my dorm mates, team mates and my friends. Then, let's check it out through pictures at below:

I hope that our friendship never end here. May Allah bless our life with His Rahmat and Rahman...
Thanks for everything that I get from here. Thanks for being nice and good friend to me even you all don't know who am I and who you are for me but Allah meet us to share everything here and till Jannah..amiin...Wassalam.



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